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Vionlabs launches Emotional Fingerprint API

March 24, 2020

Vionlabs has announced the launch of Emotional Fingerprint API, a cloud-based solution that enables media companies to make better decisions based on deep AI generated video data and insights. The cloud-based solution is easily integrated with existing workflows throughout the entire video acquisition, production and distribution chain. Emotional Fingerprint API provides a significant advantage in areas such as determining acquisition and production strategies, personalised UI and video recommendations, as well as enabling intriguing opportunities in advertising.

Emotional Fingerprint API provides deeper analysis and data by measuring thousands of factors throughout the duration of the video, including colours, pace, audio, object recognition and many more variables to produce an AI-derived fingerprint timeline, frame-by-frame, that represents the emotional structure of content that the industry needs to empower its decision making.

“By providing powerful video data and insight as a service we’re making it so much easier for media organisations to utilise the deepest video knowledge presently available,” says Marcus Bergström, CEO, Vionlabs. “Our first solution Content Analysis Platform solves the important issue of content recommendation and personalisation. However, we also want to open up the possibility to provide great data and insights, without deciding where and how media companies should apply it. With the launch of our cloud-based Emotional Fingerprint API, our customers can deploy our data and insights with their existing recommendation and personalization workflows, but importantly can now apply it in any and every part of their business that can be helped by the deepest understanding of video content at scale.”

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