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NEXTGEN TV launches show growing momentum

May 27, 2020

Just as four broadcasters launch NEXTGEN TV service in the Las Vegas market, broadcast standards body the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) is showcasing more than 80 NEXTGEN TV product and technology highlights in a new ‘Spring 2020 Progress Report’ on its newly-launched Spotlight ATSC 3.0 web page.

“Today marks another milestone in the advance to NEXTGEN TV, with ATSC 3.0 service launching in the Las Vegas market,” noted Madeleine Noland, President of ATSC. “ATSC congratulates Sinclair, Nexstar and E.W. Scripps for this achievement, which ushers in a new era in broadcast technology in Nevada. Now that consumers are able to purchase the first NEXTGEN TV receivers, it’s gratifying to see more broadcasters make investments to bring NEXTGEN TV to their viewers. And the television technology industry is strongly endorsing efforts like today’s Las Vegas service launch, and similar broadcasts underway now in Phoenix, Boise, Portland, Santa Barbara, Orlando, and Dallas. Additional stations are coming soon to Portland, Ore. and broadcasters in Pittsburgh, Pa. are now readying broadcasts that are expected to start later this year.”

“As the standards organisation that created ATSC 3.0, we are proud to showcase the substantial efforts underway by more than four dozen companies to support local broadcasters. From transmission equipment to new signal management products and services, to new receivers for consumers, we’re pleased to showcase the latest developments in the Spring 2020 Progress Report on ATSC 3.0 that is available for free on our website,” she explained.

“Whether its new equipment, services, or learning opportunities, stakeholders are very interested in ATSC 3.0 – the technology that powers NEXTGEN TV and what will bring together over-the-air broadcasting with over-the-top choices for viewers. ATSC 3.0 represents a gigantic leap in functionality, with its Internet Protocol backbone and flexibility to offer 4K Ultra HDTV, High Dynamic Range, immersive audio, more robust signal delivery, and new ‘broadcast internet’ capabilities,” Noland concluded.

Sinclair Broadcast Group), Nexstar Media Group, and The E.W. Scripps Company, three of the nation’s leading local television broadcasters, confirmed their Las Vegas television stations began broadcasting May 26th in NEXTGEN TV powered by ATSC 3.0.

NEXTGEN TV launched on four of Las Vegas’ leading broadcast stations, including Sinclair’s KSNV (NBC) and KVCW (CW), Nexstar’s KLAS (CBS), and Scripps’ KTNV (ABC). Thee launch marks the nation’s first full-power, multi-station commercial deployment of NEXTGEN TV and follows more than a year of planning and preparation by Sinclair, Nexstar, Scripps and their local Las Vegas stations.

BitPath (formerly Spectrum Co), which is developing new data broadcasting services, led the planning and coordinated efforts across the three media companies. BitPath and industry consortium Pearl TV are working together to accelerate the rollout of NEXTGEN TV across the country.

Even as they bring NEXTGEN TV to Las Vegas, the participating stations have cooperated to ensure that current programming remains available to all of the area’s viewers, regardless of whether they receive their television service over-the-air, or via cable or satellite. Over-the-air viewers will experience no interruption in service if they simply rescan their TV sets. Cable and satellite subscribers do not need to take any action.

“Today’s announcement is the realisation of two decades of work, and we are proud to share this moment with Nexstar and Scripps as we usher in a new era of television with NEXTGEN TV,” said Chris Ripley, Sinclair’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With Las Vegas leading the way, select audiences will soon enjoy a more personalized and immersive experience, with better access to news and media than ever before. Looking ahead, we are eager for continued collaboration within our industry to fully realise the promise of NEXTGEN TV, and are excited to bring this innovation to audiences across the country, forever changing the way we use, and think of, broadcast television.”

Perry Sook, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nexstar, the nation’s largest local broadcaster, commented: “Our successful collaboration with Sinclair and Scripps has brought NEXTGEN TV to Las Vegas. We look forward to cooperating with other broadcasters to roll out this new technology across the country. During the current pandemic, more viewers are turning to their local broadcast television stations for the latest news and information, and NEXTGEN TV will improve the total television viewing experience. ATSC 3.0 also allows us to launch innovative applications in mobile, the Internet of Things, and broadcast data.”

“Scripps is thrilled to partner with Sinclair and Nexstar in the first commercial launch of NEXTGEN TV in the country. Residents of Las Vegas will be among the first in the country to enjoy the immersive audio and video experience associated with this technical advancement,” declared Brian Lawlor, President of Local Media for Scripps. “As we have seen in recent weeks, local television continues to play a critical role in the information and entertainment needs of families across America. Las Vegas will shortly benefit from an exciting modern viewing experience from local broadcasters.”

John Hane, President of the industry consortium BitPath, which is enabling NEXTGEN TV rollouts, said: “BitPath is pleased to join leading broadcasters to bring transformational new services to the nation. Using the same technology that powers NEXTGEN TV, BitPath will launch innovative new services and bring important new revenue streams to broadcasters.”

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