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Japan: NHK delays 8K channel decision

August 6, 2020

By Chris Forrester

NHK says it is postponing any decision on how its 8K broadcast channel will be structured until after next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

As reported last week, NHK has now confirmed plans to merge its satellite-based BS1, BS Premium and BS4K channels into two channels, and then to integrate them into one single channel.

The thinking is very much focused on reducing the viewing fees levied on the satellite channels and coming up with an overall general viewing fee plan. Currently there is a fee of Yen2230 (about €18) per month for both terrestrial and satellite channels. The fee for ‘terrestrial only’ channels is Y1260 per month.

There are critics of NHK which say the broadcaster could reduce its current viewing fee collections of some Y700 billion by Y200 million. NHK’s current budget plan, including production costs, are predicted to reach Y685 billion in 2023.

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