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Tastemade unveils first branded home show with

August 27, 2020

Tastemade and have partnered to create a four-part long-form television series called Beyond the Block which will debut its first episode on September 3rd on Tastemade’s Streaming Network.

This is not only Tastemade’s first-ever branded home show for TV, but also its first made-for-TV show in the Home & Design space.

In this first-of-its-kind series, Realtor and neighborhood explorer, Andrew Tyree, takes first-time homebuyers in San Antonio, Los Angeles, Raleigh, Fort Collins on a journey to find a neighbourhood that feels like home as they discover what they should really consider before they sign on the dotted line. Each episode goes beyond the typical house hunt, diving deeper into the other aspects of home buying — the neighbors, the surrounding businesses, and the community where roots will be planted; the things that really make a place a home.

For this series, the Tastemade and teams were filming in the field just prior to and during the national pandemic. The series’ narrative and production was adjusted midway to showcase the reality of Covid-19. The creators revisited first-time home buyers and local businesses mid-pandemic to see how they were adapting, and discussed how some of the families had to re-qualify for their loan.

Beyond the Block is a show that features both pre-Covid and post-Covid buying conditions; most brands have not had the production capability to dive into a before and after experience.

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