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Comscore content suitability protection for advertisers

September 14, 2020

Comscore, a partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media, has announced enhanced brand suitability protections that is says offer brands greater precision to determine what content is safe and contextually relevant. The segments aims to put the control back in the advertiser’s hands to be able to run their ad campaigns along content that is brand safe for them without sacrificing scale.

Most brand safety offerings currently available take a binary, keyword-based approach to determining whether a piece of content is brand safe. These basic tools lack the sophistication needed to effectively navigate today’s media and content landscape, such as differentiating between actual acts of hate speech and informative content on occurrences of hate speech.

In contrast, Comscore utilises a proprietary pattern-profiling technology that understands the true essence of an article. These unique features give brands far more nuance than what keyword-based solutions can deliver, resulting in safer and more effective advertising. With Comscore’s solution, brands will be able to do better than basic keyword blocking and will be able to make the decisions that best fit their brand without having to wipe out large swaths of inventory, like avoiding all news content.

“Words are powerful, but keyword blocking is an outdated, inaccurate, and insufficient approach to managing brand safety,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Services, Comscore. “Brands must do the work of determining where they draw the line, and they need the proper tools to enable them to do that. A simple binary approach isn’t good enough any longer. Offering clients more control over their risk tolerances is a natural evolution reflecting Comscore’s role as the currency for buying and selling media.”

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