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Comscore, IRIS.TV contextual targeting partnership

March 2, 2020

Comscore, a partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, and IRIS.TV, a video intelligence platform for broadcasters and publishers, have announced that Comscore’s brand safety and contextual categorisation segments are now available for activation in IRIS.TV’s Contextual Video Marketplace. This partnership represents Comscore’s continued focus on privacy-driven innovation to meet advertisers’ needs for connected TV (CTV) advertising and the next step in expanding its contextual targeting solution to CTV content.

With this new partnership, advertisers can better optimise their CTV and video advertising performance by utilising the granular segmentation that Comscore’s context solution delivers. Comscore says its contextual technology helps advertisers go beyond keyword-only-based targeting for comprehensive content insights that enable accurate brand safety and contextual categorisation, while preserving reach.

“With the advancements in CTV, it is especially critical that media buyers be able to trust that their brand safety and content categorisation solutions provide the highest standards of accuracy,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Solutions, Comscore. “Relying on technology that knows the difference between apple, the fruit, and Apple, the multinational technology company, is critical. Comscore is thrilled to partner with IRIS.TV to provide advertisers with the tools to have more confidence in their CTV advertising while providing publishers with a better way to monetise the full extent of their CTV inventory.”

To enable publishers to better monetise and control the packaging of their inventory, IRIS.TV will offer Comscore’s contextual data via its marketplace for both direct and private marketplace deals being executed via supply-side platforms.

“CTV continues to play an increasingly prominent role in media, and the industry is constantly looking for the next trusted third-party brand-safe and contextual solution to apply criteria across all platforms,” said Richie Hyden, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, IRIS.TV. “With Comscore, we are excited to be leading the charge on bringing privacy-focused connected TV targeting to market and are looking forward to continuing to expand this relationship over the next year.”


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