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MPs to quiz Amazon, YouTube

October 30, 2020

By Colin Mann

Executives from Amazon and YouTube will face the Digital, Media, Culture and Sports Committee of the UK parliament on November 3rd to give evidence on the UK’s broadcasting environment, its trends and their views on its future.

The rise of on-demand programming online has given rise to questions over how public service broadcasting fits into the media market in the future. How public service broadcasters (PSBs) can best deliver on their responsibilities in this new environment and how they can carve out a distinctive place within that market remain unanswered, says the Committee.

As part of its Future of Public Service Broadcasting Inquiry the Committee will be taking the views of video streaming giants Amazon Prime and YouTube on viewing habits and the value of joint productions with PSBs.

The Committee is also likely to invite opinion on where the regulation of streaming services and PSBs should be consistent.

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