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BBC Sounds launches gaming podcast

November 11, 2020

Press X to Continue, an entertainment and review podcast about video games, has launched on BBC Sounds.

Featuring a returning family of game reviewers, each episode will explore new releases and look back at some classic favourites as well. Throughout the series listeners can expect laughs, celebrity guests and exclusive interviews.

Available on BBC Sounds, Press X to Continue is a weekly podcast hosted by BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat gaming reporter Steffan Powell. His co-host each week is comedian and Twitch streamer Inel Tomlinson.

Throughout the 12-episode series, they’ll be joined by a combination of Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Glenn Moore, games journalist and presenter Shay Thompson, Twitch streamer Rage Darling, YouTuber Elz the Witch and Gav Murphy from RKG Video. They’ll be sharing thoughts, insights and opinions on things from FIFA to Fortnite, Call of Duty to Animal Crossing, Xbox, Playstation and more.

The podcast also features chats with musicians, DJs and sports stars and include interviews with important industry figures like Phil Spencer and Jim Ryan – the people in charge of the new Xbox and PlayStation 5.

Press X to Continue presenter, Steffan Powell, said: “Millions of people have been stuck at home in lockdown this year and games have been a real relief from the stresses of what’s going on in the world. Games are a fundamental part of modern British popular culture and it’s important that we reflect that on the BBC. More than just a review show or an entertainment podcast, we want Press X to Continue to become the go-to place for people who play games. It’s a bit of fun escapism in what is a difficult time for people up and down the UK.”

Co-host, Inel Tomlinson, added: “With so many games out there for people to get their teeth stuck into deciding which one to invest time and money into can be tricky. Also two brand new games consoles don’t launch within a week of each other very often – so we’re here to help. With everything going on in the world currently, it’s fun to chill and talk about the latest things with friends and reminisce about the classics. That’s exactly what this podcast is all about – so come, hang out and get involved.”

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