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SF Studios, Netflix sign new content agreement

November 20, 2020

SF Studios and Netflix have signed a new content partnership deal that lets Netflix’s members in the Nordics be the first to stream SF Studios’ local and international distribution titles, after the films have been shown at the cinema and offered as purchase or rental films. SF Studios’ catalogue of content is also part of the deal that will strengthen Netflix’s offering of local Nordic film content.

The agreement further strengthens the collaboration between SF Studios and Netflix, which previously also includes the production of the feature film Red Dot and the original series Snabba Cash. The agreement becomes effective in 2021.

The new agreement gives SF Studios additional opportunities to invest in Nordic productions, create greater exposure for the films included in deal and attract more viewers on Netflix’s entertainment service in the Nordics.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand our collaboration with Netflix to also include the distribution of our Nordic and international films. Both parties have the same view of the potential for Nordic film through our previous collaboration on the productions of Red Dot and Snabba Cash. We now see great opportunities to continue to develop Nordic productions and expose our films to a larger and wider audience in the Nordic region”, said Fredrik Warstedt, EVP Acquisition & Licensing at SF Studios.

“We are very happy with this new evolution of our partnership with SF Studios who have such a strong track record when it comes to producing films in the Nordic region. We believe that this agreement will bring a lot of joy to our members in the Nordics and we are looking forward to contributing to Nordic film productions together with SF Studios”,  added Lina Brounéus, Director Co-Productions & Acquisitions at Netflix.

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