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DoubleVerify launches video complete solution

November 23, 2020

DoubleVerify, a software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, has announced a new solution, Video Complete, which offers holistic campaign quality measurement and maximum brand protection across all video environments.

“With the emergence of CTV as an integral part of digital media buys, advertisers are demanding consistent metrics across all the screens where their ads run. DoubleVerify continues to lead the industry in providing the definitive standard for digital media quality across all video channels,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Video Complete is the only  solution that enables active protection for all video ads on any platform, even those where blocking generally isn’t available — most notably on CTV.”

When it comes to protection on digital video, current inventory quality controls suffer from a number of gaps. Less than 40% of video impressions are eligible for post-bid blocking, according to DV data. This challenge is most acute in CTV and mobile app environments, where measurement technologies are not widely adopted and blocking isn’t possible.

DV’s Video Complete is the industry’s first and only solution to offer three layers of protection, including pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking and Video Filtering. Video Filtering is a new DV innovation that lets advertisers reduce quality infractions and associated wasted investment across all video environments and devices — even where blocking is not supported. Video Filtering is estimated to reduce the delivery of non-compliant inventory by 40% on average.

In a recent test of Video Complete, NortonLifeLock, a provider of cyber safety solutions for consumers worldwide, saw a 96% reduction in non-compliant impressions on a number of campaigns, across CTV, mobile and desktop.

“Given the gaps in post-bid blocking coverage for video advertising, we wanted to put in place proper protection measures across our digital video campaigns and CTV,” said Saquib Pasha, Senior Director, Digital Customer Acquisition at NortonLifeLock. “By leveraging DV’s Video Complete solution, we were able to substantially reduce non-compliant traffic, helping to improve the quality and performance of our video campaigns.”

Video Complete also served to reduce media waste for a global technology company. Upon activating the solution on two video campaigns, brand safety and fraud/sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) incidents dropped by 72% and 90% respectively. In addition, the client saw its DV Authentic Ad rate improve by 20% — growing from 78% to 93.8%, substantially boosting the delivery of quality impressions with a higher propensity to perform.

DV’s Video Complete works on all video ad traffic tagged with the DV Video OmniTag, with no custom integrations or re-tagging required.

“Advertiser interest and investment in video is expanding rapidly,” said Jack Smith, Chief Product Officer at DoubleVerify. “With increased demand, our delivery of effective solutions that power media quality and performance are critical. Video Complete delivers on this requirement across all video environments and channels.”

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