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Com Hem becomes Tele2

April 27, 2021

Multiplay operator Com Hem’s 1.7 million Swedish households are joining the Tele2 family as two of Sweden’s strongest brands, Tele2 and Com Hem, combine into one.

Tele2 customers now have access to nationwide mobile connectivity, upgraded broadband and Sweden’s largest entertainment offering – all available from the first climate neutral operator in the Nordics and the Baltics. According to Tele2, the result is a simplified customer experience, better customer service and more benefits.

The merger of the companies Tele2 and Com Hem, Sweden’s second largest operator and Sweden’s largest provider of broadband and entertainment, was concluded on November 5th 2018.

“This is a strategic move we have been planning for several years,” stated Kjell Johnsen, President and CEO of Tele2. “It is a big and important step, but also just the beginning of the journey we make together. Going forward, we will be able to provide new combinations of connectivity and entertainment, while the customer experience will be continuously more simplified as we become more efficient. For example, by having one premium brand instead of two, we can decrease the number of internal systems and understand our customers even better. I am convinced this will result in both more and happier customers.”

“Together, we will become unlimited,” asserted Samuel Skott, EVP Chief Commercial Officer at Tele2. “We will be able to offer completely new combinations of services and provide both benefits and better offerings for customers with multiple services from us. Already today, we have hundreds of thousands of customers with benefits such as double mobile data and double broadband speeds because they have several services from our brands. With one webpage, one combined customer service and one retail chain, we will also become more distinct and can provide a simplified customer experience.”


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