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Italy: Half of DTT households can receive DVB-T2

May 25, 2021

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Out of 26 million Italian households, around 23.7 million receive TV through the DTT platform. The figures come from a market survey conducted by the Ugo Bordoni Foundation (FUB) in March 2021.

Of the remaining 2.3 million households, 1.57 million access TV via other platforms (satellite, IP network) or have a TV without a terrestrial reception antenna. Another 700,000 households do not own a TV set.

An estimated 92 per cent of DTT households, or 21.8 million, are able to receive HD programmes and therefore own a MPEG-4 compatible TV set.

About 49.6 per cent of DTT households, or 11.8 million, are equipped to receive DVB-T2 transmissions.

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