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8K Association membership grows

May 26, 2021

The 8K Association (8KA), the cross-industry group dedicated to promoting the growth of the 8K ecosystem, has seen strong growth in its membership in the last year. Membership is coming from all parts of the 8K ecosystem including Google, who has joined to “track and help define how the evolution of 8K content will be manifest in devices and platforms”.

The 8K Association has seen membership growth in three key areas:

  • Content Creators: Frames Dealer, La Sartoria Immagine and The Explorers
  • Distribution-Focused Providers: Advantech, Ateme, Google, Harmonic, Main Concept and Spin Digital
  • Test Laboratories: Allion Labs and Telecommunications Technology Associates (TTA)

“These companies recognize the challenges and the opportunities that the 8K transition offers which is why they are actively engaging to alleviate barriers both technical and business-oriented,” noted Chris Chinnock, Executive Director of the 8KA.

“8K brings cinema-like immersive experiences directly to our homes, creating hyper-realistic images based on improved contrast, sharpness, colour expression, and resolution,” said Ted Feng, Director, Video Solutions Division, Advantech. “By joining the 8K Association, we want to enable the 8K ecosystem with ready-to-use solutions that address one of the most challenging 8K scenarios, live production. Our video processing expertise can be leveraged by content producers, TV networks and broadcasters to kick off their 8K projects and accelerate the delivery of stunning experiences such as live 8K sports that will drive 8K adoption.”

“MainConcept joined the 8K Association to harmonise with the industry and contribute to the great work being done by the association as the journey towards 8K accelerates,” added Geoff Gordon, Vice President, Marketing, MainConcept. “As we’ve witnessed time and again, the introduction of new technology needs the strong support of the industry with the players aligned on technology, formats and rollout. In our almost 30 years, MainConcept has contributed to every advancement in digital video resolution. We are excited to be a part of this forward-thinking group of technology leaders.”

“As a premium content provider for cinema and advertising worldwide, Frames Dealer has exclusively produced 8K content since its launch in April 2019. We joined the 8K Association to contribute to raising production standards to the highest level,” stated Nicolas Meliand, CEO and Co-founder.

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