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LG reveals OLED displays competition winners

June 4, 2021

By Chris Forrester

LG Display has announced the final winners of its OLED design competition which it launched back in November 2020 with UK design business Dezeen.

The concept was to find OLED-based designs that solve LG’s customers ‘pain points’ and make lives easier by tapping into LG’s core displays which are already ultra-thin, ultra-light and can even roll up completely (albeit at a cost for the rollable displays).

A total of 220 design experts from 50 countries participated in the contest. Among them, LG Display selected the five entries that suggest the future possibilities of OLED displays through creative design.

The entry ‘Scroll’ won the top prize. It is a wall shelf-shaped display with a transparent OLED panel. By utilising the characteristics of thin OLED panels, an OLED panel is attached to a wall and a shelf to the lower part. Its transparent screen becomes one with the wall and completed a design that harmonises with its surrounding interior.

Other top selections went to ‘Signal’, a work that presented a design that can change into a stand mood lamp when folded in half, and a monitor when unfolded by utilising the characteristics of OLED panels that can be freely bent. It received excellent reviews in that it can maximise the utilisation of space as it can be folded like a book.

Another finalist went to a display titled ‘Flag.R’ that allows users to view a desired proportion of content by pulling a rollable OLED display from side to side. Other selections were shared by a bedside console table display (Console) and a new-concept design of a display for Home Ludens people who enjoy leisure and relaxation in residential spaces in a non-face-to-face era as the display can roll on wheels and is adjustable.

LG Display says it will evaluate the winning entries for their commercialisation and cost-production possibilities.

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