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KT-Sat services unveiled

July 16, 2021

By Chris Forrester

South Korea’s KT-Sat has confirmed an announcement made at the Satellite Asia show that it is now demonstrating a ‘satellite-5G hybrid router’, with Greece being a partner by using data transmissions from Hellas-Sat.

KT-Sat says its satellite network is expected to be major solution for mobile backhauling, needing continuity in network connections.

KT-Sat has introduced various use cases and technical features of Hybrid router transmission technology. KT-Sat’s hybrid router is a technology which allows reliable data communication than original 5G service with protocol by connecting different networks. It offers seamless network through satellite despite in case of disconnection of 5G network. It could be applicable to diverse fields like as mobility, Government and military where consistent network access is crucial.

Last year, KT-Sat introduced satellite-5G transmission technology at the show. KT-Sat spotlighted the hybrid router which was developed with Korea Telecom. This year, KT-Sat prepared for the upgraded functionality with an oversea demonstration of its hybrid router in order to prove that the solution can be a global service with outstanding quality.

KT-Sat’s CEO Kyung Min D. Song said “It is opportunity to show our technical expertise in satellite-5G communication in overseas and we will continue to evolve communications through new innovative technology.”

Hellas Sat CEO Christodoulos Protopapa said, “We saw this hybrid router solution becoming the next generation network solution especially targeting for Europe and Africa Markets from this demonstration. We expect the hybrid router could be applied to not only 5G network but also to any kinds of satellites from GEO to LEO so that it will be utilized in various fields in the near future.”

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