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More salvoes in SES vs Intelsat dispute

August 4, 2021

Another clutch of legal Motions were filed on August 2nd to Intelsat’s bankruptcy court by both parties in the bitter dispute between SES and Intelsat.

Lawyers for Intelsat filed their Motion for the court to dismiss the SES demand for Summary Judgement in the SES claim, which – in essence – is demanding a 50/50 share of the FCC’s $9.7 billion incentive payment for the C-band clearance of spectrum over the US. The SES claim would see it receive $450 million of extra cash.

SES is also demanding punitive damages against Intelsat in the amount of $1.35 billion because of Intelsat’s alleged breaches of fiduciary duties and unjust enrichment.

SES is also arguing in its Motion against 35 other (arguably) Intelsat-related businesses and sister/subsidiary companies. Intelsat, in its documents, stresses that it is only Intelsat US LLC that signed and is party to the C-Band Alliance’s Consortium Agreement. SES says that all of these associated Intelsat businesses should be party to its claim.

Lawyers for SES, also on August 2nd, filed their Motion further rebutting Intelsat’s defence arguments.

Both sets of documents are littered with redactions in their public versions.

The Intelsat bankruptcy court will start hearing the arguments on August 18th – 20th.

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