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Netflix acquires Night School Studio

September 29, 2021

By Nik Roseveare

Netflix has announced the acquisition of Night School Studio as the streaming platform continues work on its gaming service.

Founded by Sean Krankel and Adam Hines in 2014, Night School Studio is best known for their critically acclaimed debut game, the mystery adveture OXENFREE.

In a blog post, Mike Verdu, Netflix VP of Game Development, said: “We’re inspired by [Hines and Krankel’s] bold mission to set a new bar for storytelling in games. Their commitment to artistic excellence and proven track record make them invaluable partners as we build out the creative capabilities and library of Netflix games together”.

“We’ll continue working with developers around the world and hiring the best talent in the industry to deliver a great collection of exclusive games designed for every kind of gamer and any level of play. Like our shows and films, these games will all be included as part of your Netflix membership  — all with no ads and no in-app purchases. Stay tuned for more,” he added.

Commenting on the acquisition, Adam Smart, Director of Product, Gaming at AppsFlyer, said: “Buying up quality gaming studios is the quickest and most effective means of entering a market in a powerful way, and it’s no surprise to see Netflix go down this route. We knew that Netflix had been testing all areas of gaming on different platforms as they recently released a test app on VR called Eden Unearthed. In addition, IP has been proven to work incredibly well for games and Netflix has a bucket load of original, high-quality IP that resonates with audiences. Stranger Things IP alone is incredibly popular and fans are eager to play the games.

“Netflix’s decision to diversify into the mobile gaming sector is also testament to the existing strength of the market, in 2020 there was a 45 per cent increase in the number of gaming apps installed globally when compared to 2019. Looking ahead we can expect to see other streaming behemoths follow suit – and quickly,” added Smart.

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