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Moonwalk launches NFT Utility Wallet

December 1, 2021

Moonwalk, the NFT and Web3 Communities platform for brands and creators, has announced the official unveiling of the Moonwalk-branded NFT Utility Wallet, a no-code solution for brands, gaming companies and creators looking to create NFT communities and deploy NFT-powered unlocks and gamification.

Available for desktop, mobile web, chrome extension and API deployment, Moonwalk’s unique NFT Utility Wallet acts as a home for communities, allowing brands and creators to create unlockable virtual and in-person experiences powered by NFT’s and branded tokens. From gated content and in-game assets, to exclusive ticketing to online, real-world and metaverse events, to integrations with YouTube, Spotify, Shopify, Twitch, Discord and others, Moonwalk’s NFT Utility Wallet enables brands and creators to use NFT’s and tokens to build truly unique and exclusive virtual communities.

The Moonwalk NFT Utility Wallet is the first complete white label NFT community platform on the market to feature out-of-the-box integrations with Discord, Twitch, Shopify, Spotify and Apple Pass.

“We believe NFT’s are more than collectibles. They serve as a membership for a new generation of virtual communities,” said Moonwalk CEO Shiv Madan. “Moonwalk is committed to making it easy for all creators to build rich and unique community experiences using NFT’s without having to code. Through the launch of our NFT Utility Wallet, Moonwalk aims to provide brands, gaming platforms and content creators with the tools and features they need to quickly and easily create amazing web3-powered experiences.”

The launch of the Moonwalk NFT Utility Wallet follows the company’s recently announced partnerships with Andbox, the owner of New York esports teams in the Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, Boss Protocol, creator of the upcoming “Masters of Horror: Hellraiser ” NFT Collection with unlockable content, and FIFA team FC Dynamo, which launched NFT tickets powered by Moonwalk in partnership with Binance.

Moonwalk’s NFT and Web3 Platforms provide brands and creators with all of the elements they need to build and monetize web3 communities. This consists of four key areas:

  • White-label Multi-Chain Web3 Wallet: Moonwalk’s Web3 wallets enable users to unlock the true value of their NFT’s and digital assets on Ethereum, Polygon and Flow blockchains, enabling holders to access and purchase exclusive digital and real-world content

  • Token-gated API’s: Moonwalk integrates with gaming, social, content, community and shopping platforms to enable NFT community to earn and spend through the digital wallet

  • NFT Collections: Moonwalks proprietary algorithms and smart contract system enables the creation and minting of generative NFT collections, as well as metaverse keys

  • IRL Tickets, Rewards and Discounts: Payments: Moonwalk’s Wallet seamlessly integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Pay, making a seamless connection between online engagement and real-world rewards, and NFT-gated access control.

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