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3SS to showcase the future of in-car entertainment at CES 2022

January 7, 2022

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a global provider of software solutions for multiscreen TV entertainment, has announced an integration into an automotive platform which will bring advanced digital entertainment to cars.

3SS’ award-winning 3Ready Product Framework is now integrated as part of a modular automotive demo platform, a simulator which serves to give the observer a taste of the future of the in-car entertainment experience. Based on the Android operating system, the demo provides a vision for content enjoyment on the go, showing everything from what the screens will look like and how programming will appear, to how voice control can be used and what use cases it will allow.

The demo is being shown for the first time at CES 2022 Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8, 2022. Showcase demo partners include world-leading automotive supplier Bosch, SUPER RTL, Germany’s pre-eminent provider of kids’ TV programming, and AirConsole, leading multi-player games provider.

“Providing top-quality content to children is a long-standing core commitment at SUPER RTL; we invest heavily in research to understand kids’ needs, and we created TOGGO exclusively for them,” says Robert Dube, SUPER RTL’s Head of Product & Data TOGGO Digital.

“As automotive ecosystem partners envision and plan for what the future of in-car entertainment will be like, enabling a great user experience for kids is critically important; we’re excited to be part of that vision and to extend the reach of great UX for younger viewers beyond the TV at home and into the family car,” he added.

Car makers are set benefit from this integration. Consumers today expect a rich array of aggregated content to enjoy with seamless transition between devices at home and viewing on the go. Those manufacturers capable of extending the harmonious entertainment experience to vehicles can leverage a significant new USP, namely an advanced UX that makes spending time on the road more enjoyable for everyone in the car.

The 3Ready Control Center, part of the 3Ready Product Framework, is the key to enabling multiscreen UX flexibility and real-time management capability that bring this new in-car entertainment experience to life. The user experience can be adjusted and targeted dynamically, with seamless simultaneous delivery to all the vehicle’s screens, and with the ability to curate all content including third-party apps. The result is superior viewing enjoyment for all the car’s occupants.

3SS brings multiscreen TV engineering and design expertise, gained from 17 major operator deployments worldwide

Multiscreen TV services and innovations enabled by 3SS, powered by trusted 3Ready User Experience, have been deployed worldwide, encompassing 17 operator projects with over 25 million subscribers reach. The company and its telco/pay-TV operator-customers have won over 20 industry awards to date. These accolades span Connected TV Awards, CSI Awards, VideoTech Innovation Awards and Red Dot Design Innovation Awards, among others.

 In the last three years alone, multiscreen TV projects delivered by 3SS have been acclaimed with “Best TV User Experience” awards no fewer than four times, the most recent occasion in December 2021.

3SS is bringing its deep understanding and expertise of the multiscreen TV entertainment UI/UX (user interface / user experience), associated standards and requirements, to the automotive space. 3SS’ proven track record includes a wide range of professional services, including user experience design, development and testing, all enabled by 3Ready.

The company has two projects with car manufacturers currently underway.

3SS views automotive as a natural expansion of its abiding commitment to deliver superior and seamless entertainment experiences across all digital devices. Tomasz Dzikowski, Product Owner Automotive at 3SS, explains: “We know from the new paradigms of autonomous driving, electrification and today’s dynamic in-vehicle infotainment ecosystem that soon screens in cars will be augmentations to the long-established multiscreen concept.”

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