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BT TV reveals top TV picks based on star sign

March 29, 2022

As this month marks the start of spring and the astrological New Year, research from BT TV has revealed that more than a third of Brits are falling out over what to watch on TV several times a month, and star signs could offer an explanation. 

In a time where the range of entertainment content available is wider than ever before, 41% of Brits say they argue with partners, family, friends, or housemates at least once a month on this very topic, with over 30% claiming it causes rows at least once a week.

Speaking on how our star signs could reveal what’s behind conflict on what to watch, renowned astrologer and columnist Shelley Von Strunckel says: “By exploring the typical traits and interests of each star sign, we can start to find common ground between even the most opposite astrological pairings, so it’s important to have access to a wide range of content as offered by BT TV to find a show or film that can keep both sides happy!”

A BT TV spokesperson said “We offer our customers a great choice of TV shows, movies, and live sport – but it can often be tricky settling on a show that pleases everyone. As it’s the start of spring and the Zodiac calendar we’ve teamed up with Shelley to offer some handy advice on how any astrological pairing can help households across the UK to find the ideal compromise on what to watch”.

Partnering with Shelley, BT TV has explored how astrology offers insight on our entertainment preferences and identified the top genre for each star sign’s nature and preferences. Choosing what to watch is made all the easier with BT TV and its exciting range of flexible TV packs which offer customers the freedom to choose the TV shows, films, and sport they want, when they want – with the flexibility to change their package every month. What’s more BT TV’s entertainment packs feature Sky channels with a NOW Membership as well as a Netflix subscription included. 

Top TV genre per star sign:

  • Aries: Sport
  • Taurus: Luxury home and art
  • Gemini: Game and quiz 
  • Cancer: Happy family drama
  • Leo: Showbiz reality
  • Virgo: Home and garden makeover
  • Libra: Dating and relationships
  • Scorpio: True crime
  • Sagittarius: Adventure travel
  • Capricorn: Business
  • Aquarius: Sci-fi
  • Pisces: Fantasy

From dreamy Pisces to fiery Leo, BT TV has also worked with Shelley to help solve TV remote rifts between the six star sign pair most likely to clash, by recommending the top shows that will keep both opposites happy.

Libra vs. Leo 

“Harmony-loving Libra’s entertainment can be flashy, dramatic, extreme,” says Shelley, “characters can misbehave. But ultimately, lessons are learnt, and balance restored. This predictability irritates Leo. They adore fiery characters, whose tale is like a bullfight – where tragic outcomes are likely yet inspires courage. Their common ground? Life or death dramas, classic or edgy contemporary. For Libra, character clashes being resolved, while Leo adores challenges wrestled to the ground.”

Recommendation: Game of Thrones (NOW), Top Boy (Netflix)

Aries vs. Capricorn 

“For fiery Aries, the subject doesn’t matter. It’s the intensity – the pace, the characters and tale. Meanwhile, Capricorn enjoys a focus on courage, honour, and persistence. This so bores Aries. However, the two meet in historical dramas, the setting doesn’t matter, but watching the characters overcome seemingly impossible obstacles, and without compromising their values, rates gold stars from both.”

Recommendation: Outlander (Prime), Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix)

Scorpio vs. Gemini

“In life, and in entertainment, Scorpios know what they like, and stick with familiar genres or will even view the same tales again and again,” Shelley continues, “meanwhile, restless Gemini adores encountering new settings and concepts; they needn’t make sense, just be absorbing. The resolution? Subscribing to an episodic series. While the familiarity keeps Scorpio happy, every episode offers something new for Gemini’s restless mind.”

Recommendation: Flight Attendent (NOW), Bridgerton (Netflix)

Cancer vs. Aquarius

“Even the toughest Cancerians – and there are many – have a sentimental streak. Others reveal their vulnerability with pride; thus their entertainment tastes meet in the middle, with powerful historical dramas, linking family, power and money. Futuristic Aquarians adore innovation and techie tales. Their link? A family of brave space pioneers, settling somewhere in our solar system.”

Recommendation: Westworld (Season 1-3, NOW), Dune (BT Store)

Pisces vs. Virgo

“While idealistic to their core, some Pisceans adore business, others create a fantasy world. However, during their ‘off time’, dramas that extend beyond everyday reality boost their spirits powerfully. Meanwhile, earthy Virgo craves a focus on practicality that reflects their life and world. The link? Tales of an idealistic entrepreneur, determined to live a better, ecological, life.”

Recommendation: Don’t Look Up (Netflix), The Man in the High Castle (Prime)

Taurus vs. Sagittarius

Sensual, loving Taureans know their tastes, in life and entertainment. They’ll try something new once, but if it’s unappealing, that option’s out. Shelley adds, “Restless, inquisitive Sagittarians are the reverse, seeking innovation and the unfamiliar. Finding a shared taste is tricky, but bizarrely is most likely in old, very old, but classic dramas. With nothing to compare them to, they’ll enjoy what there is to enjoy.  

Recommendation: Forrest Gump (NOW), When Harry Met Sally (Prime)

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