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Nrby, Sisense team for Nrby VU

April 5, 2022

Nrby, a specialist in dynamic location intelligence for service provider operations, and Sisense, the AI-driven platform for infusing analytics everywhere, today announced that they have partnered to create Nrby VU, a new business intelligence tool that provides unparalleled visibility into network events, trends, and workforce activities for broadband service providers.

Nrby and Sisense have collaborated to create customizable, multidimensional dashboards that significantly increase the operational value of the Nrby platform for operators of wired, wireless, and municipal broadband networks. Nrby VU combines Nrby’s SmartPin technology for delivering location intelligence with Sisense Fusion, an AI-infused analytics engine, to provide aggregated, comprehensive operational summaries of the front-line metrics that are dramatically improving business processes and ROI.

Nrby VU allows operators to replace inefficient hand-written reports and siloed operations with streamlined workflows. Mobile teams use the Nrby mobile app both to report issues in real-time and to research the operational history of the assets at each SmartPin.  The ability to access and act on data quickly is reducing field maintenance resource expenditures.

Nrby VU uses aggregated data from the Nrby app and operators’ existing API-connected partner monitoring systems to generate accurate and up-to-the-minute pictures of network health – including heat maps, service records, historical trends, and more – as well as predictive analytics that can shape future business and operational decisions.

In an initial deployment, a prominent North American broadband operator has:

  • Reduced wasted truck rolls by 77%;
  • Lowered scheduled service calls by 62%; and
  • Increased preventive maintenance calls by 22%.

The net result has been a 5X cost savings for every dollar spent with Nrby

“Delivering essential services in the most efficient manner is mission-critical for today’s network operators,” said Paul Palermo, Vice President of Business Development for Nrby. “Nrby VU adds a multi-dimensional level of visibility and analysis that enables network operators to go from reactively triaging problems that are impacting service to proactively anticipating and resolving issues before they occur.”

“Businesses today can’t afford to make decisions based on trailing indicators,” said Scott Castle, Senior Vice President of Product for Sisense. “Sisense’s market-leading AI-driven capabilities are enabling Nrby customers to unlock layers of data in real-time, allowing mobile teams to expedite vital maintenance in problem areas, while at the same time giving decision makers the information needed to identify clusters of problems that could become system-wide issues.”

Nrby’s location intelligence platform is transforming field service, operations, and customer service teams from being reactive to proactive. Nrby gives operations teams automated, 360-degree views of pending and completed maintenance activities, enabling network operators to realize organizational efficiency, decrease operating costs, drive recurring revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.

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