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TV2Z launch Lightning application and solutions

April 7, 2022

TV2Z has announced that’s Lightning application is going live on the Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform. With the introduction of’s Lightning application on X1 and Flex, opens itself up to reaching millions of viewers and customers all around the world with just the touch of a button.

TV2Z says it is proud to have worked on every area of the new Lightning application for, including the complete development of the application, as well as conducting a thorough quality analysis powered by its own team and overseeing the overall onboarding process from start to finish.

“We welcome this new partnership with TV2Z and are excited to optimise the overall user experience model for our dedicated customers. As a result of the co-operation with TV2Z, we will be in the position to offer our fans more content than ever and enhance the way individuals can watch our sophisticated catalogue of content,” commented President, Eric Gillbert.

With this launch, introduces a state-of-the-art Lightning application that prioritises a well-rounded user experience, along with a multitude of different cutting-edge channels and videos tailored to the needs of their many customers and viewers. It brings forward a fresh new chapter for new and existing motorsport enthusiasts.

“We are thrilled with the launch of the new Lightning Application. With the launch of this application, millions of Motorsport.tvcustomers and viewers will be able to easily view and follow captivating and resonating content specific to their interests. The seamless design and functionalities of our services delivers a unique and innovative solution for our client and their needs,” stated Wouter Schreur, CEO and co-founder of TV2Z.

“What we have done is provide with a coherent strategy and solution to effectively distribute their content to millions of users by building this sophisticated Lightning application. We have been able to smoothly onboard the application with our telecommunication partners and integrate the application onto TV2Z’s subscription management system. A testament to the all-around services we offer and succeed in,” added Phani-Kanth Vooka, CTO and co-founder of TV2Z.

About is a unique video platform aiming at being the global hub for the different motor racing and motoring communities around the world. The streaming service introduces to fans a weekly schedule of live races, on-demand content and the latest motorsport news.

About TV2Z

TV2Z is a global supplier of premium cloud-based Video-On-Demand software solutions for publishers, broadcasters, and operators. As a SaaS technology company, and a certified Lightning partner and developer our solutions serve millions of viewers worldwide across the Media and Entertainment industries.

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