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New OpenVault patent accelerates data retrieval, processing

April 20, 2022

OpenVault, a source of revenue and network improvement solutions and data-driven actionable insights for the broadband industry, today announced that it recently was awarded a patent for techniques that enable faster retrieval and processing of data.

U.S. Patent No. 11,275,594, “Intelligent data storage and processing using FPGA devices,” is intended to remove bottlenecks that increasingly are occurring as the amount of data moving through systems overwhelms available processing power. The patent describes a method in which a field programmable gate array (FPGA) can be specifically configured to receive and perform pipeline processing on streaming data in such a way that it accelerates search and retrieval functionality.

“Broadband providers are dealing with technological shifts towards more flexible, but also more complex, networks to stay competitive.” said Joe Lancaster, Chief Strategy Officer for OpenVault. “This technology gives providers instant insights into network health and powers seamless network automation at any scale.”

While indexing of data can speed retrieval, log information is often not indexed. Developing reverse indexes required for correlating telemetry and logs to power machine learning models is a challenging task for general purpose CPUs. This technology allows a user to quickly deploy an FPGA-based custom processor tailored to solving this problem on unstructured data on the fly.

“The faster our broadband operator customers can gain insights from their networks and optimize performance via automation, the more profitable their networks become while concurrently improving customer experience across their subscriber base,” said Tony Costa, CTO of OpenVault. “Using the research and development capabilities within our VelociData acquisition last year, we’ve taken a leadership role in helping the industry and connected consumers extract the maximum value from the data at hand.”

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