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tvScientific partners with Adjust for CTV Integ

May 18, 2022

Connected TV performance advertising platform tvScientific, has announced its partnership with Adjust, the mobile marketing analytics platform pioneering in CTV measurement. The launch of the strategic partnership will now enable mobile app marketers to accelerate growth through the integration of CTV into omnichannel strategies.

tvScientific’s self-managed platform simplifies and automates TV buying and optimization by gathering large amounts of granular first- and third-party data onto one platform. This allows marketers to target and assess their highest quality users from impression to post-install events. Leveraging tvScientific’s proprietary, deterministic ID technology, in tandem with Adjust’s attribution data, mobile marketers can now attribute cross-device, with full, holistic visibility into CTV impressions and its ability to drive installs. Marketers can then analyse performance of their campaigns inside Adjust, providing a complete picture of their UA marketing strategy across all channels.

“We are thrilled to partner with tvScientific to deliver comprehensive CTV measurement for mobile app marketers in a reliable, transparent, and scalable way,” said Gijsbert Pols, director of connected TV and new channels at Adjust. “As viewers take on an increasingly more active role in their content consumption, it’s paramount for marketers to measure success across screens against their set KPIs for increased optimization of campaign performance.”

“We believe CTV represents the largest growth opportunity for app marketers. This partnership is designed to unlock that potential by providing unprecedented control, flexibility of media buying strategies and transparency at every point in the customer journey,” said Jason Fairchild, CEO at tvScientific. “Through tvScientific’s end-to-end solution, app marketers will be able to optimize omnichannel strategies and accelerate campaign performance.”

Mobile marketers’ precision targeting capabilities are further enhanced through their ability to target across 15K unique audience segments, including age, gender, interests, and behavioural habits, or via pre-built audiences.

Leveraging granular data, tvScientific enables mobile marketers to optimize their performance through campaign controls, data transparency down to log level, and automated optimization. Marketers will be able to increase campaign optimization and validation of ROI through Adjust’s ability to unify all marketing channels onto one platform. Additionally, marketers will be able to have adjusted insight into walled gardens through tvScientific’s always-on incrementality testing.

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