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Starlink offers connection on the move

May 25, 2022

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX’s Starlink broadband-by-satellite service is now officially available for RV and caravan owners.

Earlier in May emails were sent customers that Starlink’s Portability scheme was about to be activated. The previous rules did not allow clients to move their kit more than 1 or 2 kms from their home base.

The email said: “Starlink is excited to announce Portability as an add-on feature for all Starlink customers. Portability enables customers to temporarily move their Starlink to new locations and receive high-speed internet anywhere where Starlink provides active coverage within the same continent.”

Customers wanting to move around will need to pay about $25/month for the service, although Starlink stresses that the Portability function can be disabled at any time without penalty. In other words, customers can activate the service for – say – a touring holiday and then end access at the end of the holiday.

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