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VeEX receives Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award

June 20, 2022

VeEX, a global player in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, is once again the proud recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Value Leadership Award for the global terabit Ethernet test solutions market. The latest 2021 award not only recognizes the technological innovation and superior performance of the RXT-6400, 400G multi-service test platform, but it further acknowledges VeEX’s leadership in 400G field testing including its strategic R&D efforts and ongoing product development during a challenging global pandemic.

400G technology is moving quickly towards mass field deployment as high-volume service providers, hyperscalers, and enterprises struggle to accommodate and mitigate the unrelenting traffic growth on their networks. Creating a reliable, efficient, and affordable 400GbE eco-system that is interoperable continues to be a prime objective of all operators. Because of this, the importance of testing using reputable test equipment to achieve these network qualities during the transition and implementation phases has received renewed attention.

“Prior to 2020, 400GbE solutions were mostly in the research and development (R&D) phase, with lab testing of the components and network equipment supporting 400GbE. However, starting in 2021, 400GbE witnessed accelerated field deployments. VeEX’s RXT-6400, being the industry’s first and most advanced handheld 400GbE field testing solution, is expected to witness an increased demand in the coming years,” said Navdeep Saboo, Industry Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

VeEX, a pioneer and highly regarded vendor of field portable Ethernet test equipment for nearly two decades, has been very active since the inception of 400G networks. Extensive hands-on testing experience based on early worldwide deployments, coupled with technology advancements and lessons learned from the first generation RXT-6400 tester proved to be a critical incubator for the newly introduced, second generation RXT-6402 module.

“Early exposure to 400GE lab-to-field transition/deployment with the RXT-6400 gave us a valuable vantage point to understand customers’ current and future needs/requirements,” said Ricardo Torres, Sr. Director, Ethernet Product Marketing at VeEX. “We basically witnessed and experienced history repeating itself as we had walked the same road with our first and second generation 100G testers several years ago. Our new RXT-6402 platform is more than ready to handle the latest industry’s toughest challenges and resets the price/performance/value benchmark for 400GbE field portable testers at a time when customer budgets are severely under strain and scrutiny,” he concluded.

Both the RXT-6400 and RXT-6402 are based on customer-driven applications fulfilling current and future requirements for data center interconnect, cross-connect and supporting traditional communication service providers’ move to 400G. They offer support for:

  • Long-reach DWDM-compatible coherent ZR/ZR+ transceivers
  • Newer SFP-DD transceivers
  • Dual 400G for AOC, DAC, and NE wrap-around tests
  • 200GE testing
  • Fan out cables
  • All-in-one test sets covering new and legacy interfaces (as needed by traditional telcos and cellular for 400G deployment)
  • Data center rates (200G, 100G (SFPDD) single lambda, 50G (SFP56))

“VeEX has always maintained an aggressive R&D stance and product development schedule, even when times are tough,” said Cyrille Morelle, CEO at VeEX. “Continuing to invest during the COVID-19 era was absolutely necessary for us to deliver new 400G solutions on time to meet our key customer deployment timeframes, all while staying ahead of our competitors. Our decision to thrive rather than survive, fueled our innovation efforts, and positioned our businesses to rebound from the negative global pandemic effects.”

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