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DirecTV: “5G will spoil satellite signals”

July 20, 2022

By Chris Forrester

DirecTV is arguing that rival Dish Network’s planned 5G signals will interfere with its DTH signals over North America.

Dish Network, backed by Charlie Ergen, has invested heavily in winning licences for 5G terrestrial cellular networks in the US.

DirecTV has told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that Dish Network’s mobile 5G signals “would cause extensive harmful interference” to its pay-TV subscribers.

DirecTV used a study from satellite consultants at San Francisco-based Savid LLC to argue its case. The 5G interference would “extend well beyond the intended coverage area of the mobile base stations,” stated Stacy Fuller, DirecTV’s SVP/external affairs.

Fuller added that DirecTV’s signals are one way – from the satellite to the viewer – and are thus more susceptible to interference than two-way cellular services. Fuller told the FCC: “Unlike broadband systems, which can replace lost [data] packets through two-way communications, DBS packets lost to interference result in frozen video screens—and cancelled subscriptions.”

“Accordingly, the Commission should terminate this proceeding and give incumbent satellite operators in the band the certainty they need to continue to invest in developing and delivering advanced services for American consumers,” she bluntly added.

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