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CBS Reality announces new true crime slate for UK and Poland

July 28, 2022

CBS Reality has announced a line-up of new expert-led true crime original programming for the autumn, including premiering series ‘The Truth About My Murder’, ‘Wrongly Accused’ and season seven of ‘Murder by the Sea’

(also known internationally as ‘Coastal Killers’).Building on CBS Reality’s original strategy in Poland, two new locally produced original true crime series, ‘Always Upholding the Law’ and ‘A Crime Without a Body’ will also air in Poland later this year.

Sam Rowden, Vice President of Content and Production, CBS Channels, said: “We are very pleased to announce these fantastic new originals focusing on bringing true crime to our audiences in new and intriguing ways, and with the strongest production companies in this genre, all of which continue to position CBS Reality as the home of expert-led true crime programming.”

‘The Truth About My Murder’ (10×60’) is hosted by revered forensic pathologist and author, Dr Richard Shepherd, who has worked on some of the most high-profile cases of recent times and performed over 23,000 autopsies throughout his career.

From a state-of-the-art laboratory, with digital technology, viewers will hear directly from the victim as Dr Shepherd uncovers the truth behind these horrific crimes as told through the victims’ bodies to separate fact from fiction and ensure the truth always prevails. The series was produced by Yeti Television and will premiere on September 22nd.

‘Wrongly Accused’ (10×60’) will examine a series of investigations that consequently led to a wrongful conviction, and the reinvestigation that eventually caught the murderer. Hosted by criminal injustice campaigner and journalist, Louise Shorter, this brand-new series featuring exclusive interviews, supported by dramatic reconstructions and expert-led opinion, will interrogate the mistakes that were made and the fatal consequences of the killer going free. Taking on a brand-new format, the series will document five cases, each told over two hours, with the first hour dedicated to the events that led to the wrongful conviction and the second hour on the subsequent investigation which brought the real killer to justice. The series was produced by Monster Films and will premiere on November 15th.

In season seven of ‘Murder by the Sea’ (10×60’), crime historian and author Dr Nell Darby reprises her role as the host as she investigates further cases of seaside murders, including a case which involves Craig Belcher, who attacked and killed a member of Humberside Police; the murder of a biker gang member in Brighton; and Herbert John Bennett, who strangled his young wife in Yarmouth. The new episodes were also produced by Monster Films and will debut on September 6th.

In Poland, two-part docuseries ‘Always Upholding the Law’ (2×60) tells the story of the disappearance of a police officer after he intervened in a robbery at a time when he was off duty. The documentary is a study of how meticulous, dedicated work can bring about an unexpected resolution, all thanks to a very small and unassuming piece of evidence. This case, thanks to the inspired work of the officers, has become an exemplary investigation, analysed and studied in police academies for years to come. Produced by Blueberry Media, ‘Always Upholding the Law’ will premiere on CBS Reality in Poland on August 13th.

The second original production, ‘A Crime Without a Body’ (5×60), analyses murder cases in which the key piece of evidence – the body – is disposed of by the perpetrators. How is it possible to convict someone of a murder if the body of their victim can never be found? The investigators and prosecutors interviewed for the series share their expertise and experiences. Produced by Jake Vision, ‘A Crime Without a Body’ will premiere on CBS Reality in Poland this autumn.

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