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SeaChange, Source Digital partnership

September 9, 2022

SeaChange International, a provider of video delivery, advertising, streaming platforms, and emerging FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV services) development has partnered with Source Digital, the innovator of Source Activated Moments (SAMs), a Web3 alternative that creates immersive and personalized user engagement across any video or digital metaverse experience.

The new partnership provides an alternative to monetizing video and metaverse content that is over and above traditional advertising models, while activating the full potential of advertising inventory on connected TVs by building interactive moments that engage the user for increased clickthrough rates.

The first commercial application of the partnership will be to deploy Source, a connected TV enabled network designed for consumers in the OTT and metaverse space, leveraging Source Activated Moments and SeaChange StreamVid platform, a software-as-service (SaaS) designed to seamlessly allow content owners to publish, distribute and monetize all types of content across all device platforms, including connected TVs.

Source recently partnered with the Sansar metaverse to extend its content personalization and monetization technology across a wide distribution network, showcasing so-called metavents, live physical events such as concerts that get enriched with a synchronized in-world metaverse experience. Here, Source Activated Moments, allow viewers to explore interactive and socially engaging content. Through the partnership with SeaChange, content creators will be afforded the opportunity to have a physical video experience that is always in sync with a metaverse experience for a true multiverse, enabling a fluid customer experience between the physical event and the metaverse.

“Source’s technology is truly at the forefront of innovation. We are thrilled to work with a partner that has understood the potential of user activation and engagement in the metaverse paradigm and who shares our excitement about bringing immersive digital experiences on connected TVs to the homes”, says Chris Klimmer, President at SeaChange. “With the combination of SeaChange’s enablement and ad insertion technology and Source’s SAM concept, we will boost user engagement and maximize the value of ad inventory on connected TVs.”

“My co-founder and I come from a time where we remember video moving from analogue to digital and Sea Change was always there at the forefront of those evolutions in video”, says Hank Frecon, CEO of Source™. “We are excited to partner across SeaChange’s home entertainment video infrastructure, to apply a way overdue form of immersive monetization patented strictly for video and the metaverse. “

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