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DPP: “Future standards process must be more agile”

October 19, 2022

The DPP, the media industry’s business network, has published its latest report The Truth About Standards. Enabled by DPP member company Ross Video, the report explores trends in interoperability, from formal standards to open source. It looks at the benefits of standards, the realities of implementation, and the industry’s frustrations. It goes on to outline a model for the future of standardisation.

“DPP members know that interoperability is crucial to an effective global media supply chain,” says DPP CTO Rowan de Pomerai, the report author. “But they also tell us that standards processes feel frustrating, political, and slow. So we set out to discover the right balance of standardisation to meet the needs of the modern media industry.”

The Truth About Standards summarises the results from a unique DPP survey that gathered expert views from over 150 companies across the media industry to explore the realities of standards adoption.

The survey found that current standards processes in the media industry are often ill suited to the world of software based media production and distribution. Today’s media business moves faster and requires more flexibility.

The standards community has the opportunity to evolve in order to ensure that it meets the needs of the industry for years to come. Media companies and vendors will choose to work with standards organisations if they are seen to provide the best way to solve business problems quickly and effectively.

“Ross Video is a keen supporter of standards, but we need standards processes that meet our business goals,” said Chris Lennon, Director of Standards Strategy, Ross Video. “We recognise the need for evolution, which is why we were excited to collaborate with the DPP on this groundbreaking survey, to help the media industry develop the standards processes needed for the future.”

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