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Cadent partners with Affinity Solutions

February 8, 2023

Cadent, the independent platform for advanced TV advertising, has announced a partnership with Affinity Solutions, the consumer purchase data platform. Affinity Solutions is focused on outcome-based solutions to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) by offering more granular audiences based on consumer spending habits. Now available in Cadent Aperture Audience Data Marketplace, advertisers will gain access to Affinity’s Consumer Purchase Audiences. Combining data-driven TV advertising with the power of purchase behaviour insights, will boost in performance for advertisers looking to implement campaigns across audiences who purchase specific brands or categories.

“Our partnership with Affinity Solutions allows customers of Aperture Platform to optimise the impact of their data-driven campaigns,” said Tony Yi, EVP Business Development and GM Platform, Cadent. “We want to help brands engage the right consumers by leveraging the deepest available audience insights. We’re eager for our advertiser clients to explore the opportunities made possible by pairing Affinity’s intelligent approach to audiences with our unmatched cross-screen capabilities.

Affinity Solutions’ consumer purchase data, based on fully permissioned, real-time, credit and debit card purchases, removes the major dependency on proxies in media planning, activation, and measurement. The company’s Consumer Purchase Audiences provide a critical element – the consumer purchase – enabling more accurate cross-channel, outcome-based audience targeting and a clear view into how advertising efforts drive sales.

“Our Consumer Purchase Audiences originate from trusted purchase data, providing a critical and complementary element to Cadent Aperture Platform’s robust audience activation and deployment capabilities,” said Damian Garbaccio, Chief Business and Marketing Officer, Affinity Solutions. “Combined, we provide marketers a competitive edge by delivering messages to the right consumers across any channel and device to improve media performance and accountability.

Cadent has the proven technical ability to integrate data and measurement partners that help clients drive and quantify outstanding business results. Aperture Data Marketplace contains 70K audience segments readily accessible for advanced TV activation. Cadent leverages this Marketplace to build out highly specific, carefully curated audiences, helping brands make the most of their cross-screen TV advertising campaigns.

Aperture Audience Data Marketplace combined with Affinity Solutions 900-plus brand and category segments include brand-specific data, custom audience segments, and segments built from competitors’ customers, ensuring clients can leverage all channels and maximize the opportunities the partnership can bring to cross-screen campaigns.

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