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Cadent Aperture Viewer Graph continues to scale

March 30, 2022

Cadent, the independent platform for advanced TV advertising, has announced that Aperture Viewer Graph, its patented technology for bridging connected devices and households, continued to grow its coverage during Q1 2022. Purpose-built for the dynamic world of TV advertising, Aperture Viewer Graph supports precision audience targeting, deep audience insights, and transparent measurement and attribution solutions. 

Aperture Viewer Graph delivers over a 90% average match rate for audience segments and houses over four billion match keys across zip codes, emails, IP addresses, and more. Using these high match rates against one or more keys at once, publishers can activate their first-party subscriber data for audience targeting, allowing them to monetize their inventory more effectively. Aperture Viewer Graph is one of the industry’s quickest to securely onboard first-party data, averaging just under 15 minutes to onboard and match a file. 

“Our onboarding speed and time-to-audience insights truly set us apart from our competitors who can take days or even up to a week to onboard and match new information,” said Eoin Townsend, Chief Product Officer at Cadent. “As the graph continues to gain momentum in the ecosystem, it will unlock even greater value from TV campaigns by helping advertisers unify disparate audiences and get a more complete picture of how to best target households. Less than a year after launching the full Aperture platform, we’ve proven that Aperture Viewer Graph provides the scale and automation necessary to accelerate the data-driven TV marketplace.”

As the TV landscape becomes more fragmented and complex, connecting audiences across multiple screens and devices is an increasingly difficult challenge for advertisers spending on the medium. The privacy-compliant Aperture Viewer Graph provides the foundational technology for unifying audiences across the TV ecosystem and empowers advertisers to precisely target their specific high-value audiences as well as to measure results in terms of business outcomes using any third-party partner of choice. 

Over the past six months, the total number of segments deployed to strategic partners has scaled to over 3,300 audiences, with more than 2,400 segments being activated. In that same time, the total number of integrated deployment partners has reached over 30. 

Since November 2020, Cadent has expanded its partnership with Catalina, a leading shopper intelligence and omni-channel media provider. Together, Cadent Aperture Viewer Graph and Catalina’s highly scaled purchase-based audience segments powered by unique real-time purchase data, industry-leading panel data, lifestyle and ingredient preferences, and shopping behavior insights on virtually all U.S. households, enable advertisers to reach more precise audiences across screens and measure direct sales impact on in-store sales lift from exposed homes. 

Aperture Viewer Graph underpins the entire Aperture Platform, the company’s end-to-end advanced TV platform, which has also achieved momentum since launching in July 2021. Aperture Audience Data Marketplace has integrated 70,000 segments from 35+ data partners including Acxiom, Epsilon, and Neustar. Most recently, Cadent added over 1000 Data Axle audience segments to the platform. 

“Catalina’s high quality audience segments have long been trusted by the largest brands across the CPG and retail verticals,” said Brian Dunphy, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Catalina. “We have been really pleased with the sales lift results our brand and agency partners have experienced by leveraging our precision shopper audiences through Aperture for TV campaigns. Our partnership with Cadent demonstrates the positive impact CPG TV advertisers experience with precision targeting versus traditional household demographic targeting.”

Additionally, the Aperture Measurement Marketplace, which allows advertisers to understand the full impact of campaigns by enabling third-party measurement partners to tie TV ad exposure to households so they can measure business outcomes, is also scaling. Partners that have signed onto the measurement marketplace include Experian, 605, and PlaceIQ.  

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