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Study: 29% Brits say watching TV is a ‘national pastime’

April 29, 2023

Global home appliance and consumer electronics brand Hisense has published the results of a study into UK TV owners’ viewing habits.

The research focused on Brits’ attitudes to popular TV series and the effect those views have on TV purchasing decisions. Half (49 per cent) of those surveyed for the study watch their favourite shows to relax, and a third (30 per cent) do it as a way of family bonding.

Considering this, Hisense says it is unsurprising that so many UK households were found to be planning to upgrade their televisions (34 per cent). Picture quality (73 per cent), size of screen (70 per cent) and sound quality (58 per cent) were found to be the biggest priorities among consumers considering a purchase.

Television was widely recognised as playing a key role in British culture, with nearly a third (29 per cent) saying it was a “national pastime” and the same amount claiming that watching good television made them happier.

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