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MobileFuse announces new Fusion Video Capabilities

May 25, 2023

MobileFuse, \n in-app mobile, CTV, and DOOH advertising platform, has released the latest version of its exclusive video offering, Fusion Video. The newest version utilises AI to create outstream video placements, while taking into account performance and consumers when automatically building the video ad units.

Fusion Video-Outstream, accessible to publishers via the MobileFuse SDK, provides advertisers and publishers with unique video ad units for campaigns. MobileFuse’s proprietary technology seamlessly activates the Fusion Video-Outstream format when it’s most likely to be transacted on – this is done by leveraging large scale learnings across its exchange, which was recently ranked #1 on the Mobile Seller Trust Index by Pixalate. By determining the likelihood of success on a specific ad format, prior to creating and delivering the ad, MobileFuse greatly increases the opportunity for a successful auction on this exclusive video supply. This news showcases MobileFuse’s commitment to product innovation, and to ensuring partners have access to tools that drive ROI and unlock new operational efficiencies.

Fusion Video-Outstream is already used by over 200 of the largest app publishers, and has experienced 200B ad requests in the US over the last month. MobileFuse believes it developed the largest, exclusive outstream supply across the in-app ecosystem. The widespread adoption comes at a time when the IAB is evolving its recommended best practices for video format identification. The new guidelines aim to strengthen measurement around consumer attention, and simplify the buying and selling process for publishers and solution providers. MobileFuse already incorporated the latest guidelines for granular video format identification, ensuring brands and advertisers have better transparency into the formats they buy.

“The new AI-enhanced Fusion Video-Outstream solution unlocks uniquely affordable video rates with strong ROIs for advertisers – and unearths a significant revenue source for publishers,” said Ken Harlan, Founder and CEO of MobileFuse.

Along with performance and transparency, Fusion Video-Outstream supports MobileFuse’s efforts around reducing carbon emissions. By incorporating AI and machine learning, the company only serves advertisements when they are most likely to be transacted on – this reduces emissions associated with unnecessary server usage.

“MobileFuse continues to innovate while balancing the needs of both advertisers and publishers,” said Adam Sadur, Head of Programmatic at SmartNews. “We are fortunate to be a part of the original beta for the outstream solution via Fusion Video.”

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