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qibb names new management team

May 25, 2023

In Techtriq, Jonas Michaelis as CEO and Roman Holzhause as CTO will take over responsibility with immediate effect. After the successful product launch of qibb, the team is now focusing on offering the cloud-native integration platform in further international markets. After several months of transitioning responsibilities, the former managing directors Peter Nöthen and Thomas Müller will join the newly established advisory board and continue to support the Techtriq team in a consultative capacity. Over the past months, Jonas Michaelis as Head of Operations and Roman Holzhause in his role as Head of Development have gradually taken over all operational and strategic tasks from the previous Techtriq management in close collaboration with Nöthen and Müller. These experts have played a crucial role in the technical and economic development of qibb, forming the basis for its consistent further development. Together with the team of about 20 people and the previous management duo, Michaelis and Holzhause have successfully established qibb as one of the world’s leading integration platform for media workflows since February and June 2021, respectively. The new management and the qibb team will capitalise on this momentum to continue the growth development by strengthening sales activities in international markets and industries as well as consistently expanding the platform with new product features. Nöthen, founder and CEO of Qvest Group, as well as CEO of RSBG Ventures and RSBG ICT, and Müller, CTO of Qvest Group, will remain as advisors to the Techtriq team through the advisory board. Florian Götz, Venture Capital Analyst at RSBG Ventures, completes the advisory board. With this structure of a rejuvenated management team, an advisory board with extensive technological expertise, and the established Techtriq team, the company will continue to advance the integration platform qibb consistently. The range of particularly effective adapters (Nodes) and integrations (Flows) will be continuously expanded in the coming months and years, including a selection of up to 100 nodes before the end of the third quarter of 2023. qibb is considered the groundbreaking integration platform for creating and maintaining low-code media workflows along the digital media supply chain. In January 2023, qibb became the world’s first media integration platform to integrate the entire functionality of the OpenAI API. The strong performance of qibb in orchestrating efficient cloud-based workflows was also confirmed by two expert juries in April of this year: At qibb’s premiere at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, the integration platform won the IABM BaM Award as well as the NAB Product of the Year Award. Michaelis commented: “We would like to express our gratitude to Peter and Thomas for successfully leading qibb in recent years and laying the foundation for its current success. As the new management, we are excited to further expand qibb with a first-class team and establish it as the leading integration platform for media workflows worldwide.” Roman Holzhause added: “Our aim is to revolutionize the way integrations and workflows are conducted in the media industry using modern low-code approaches and artificial intelligence. We intend to make third-party APIs easily accessible so that our users can make the most of their products and ultimately achieve higher efficiency and productivity in their workflows. I am confident that our team and product will continue to drive change and innovation in this exciting industry.” Back in 2018, Qvest presented an innovative product approach for a forward-looking multicloud management platform and exchanged ideas closely with customers from the media and broadcasting sector. The concept was continuously developed and brought to market maturity under the product name Qvest.Cloud. As a spin-off from Qvest and a tech incubator for innovative and smart technology products, Techtriq has been independently advancing the integration platform qibb since 2020. The qibb team provides users with a comprehensive and cloud-native platform that seamlessly and maximally efficiently connects all aspects of their media workflows, from planning and creation to distribution and analysis.

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