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FTTH Council Europe welcomes GIA and GCR

June 9, 2023

The FTTH Council Europe members have expressed support to the recent Gigabit policy initiatives aimed to make Gigabit connectivity available to all citizens and businesses across the EU by 2030.

FTTH Council Europe members have welcomed the proposed Gigabit Infrastructure Act. Sharing civil infrastructure can lower the cost and accelerate the deployment of FTTH in Europe and should be encouraged. The Council supports the introduction of a Single Information Point and clarifications on the conditions to refuse the requests to coordinate civil works. However, to ensure legal clarity, the Council believes the text should be enhanced (especially with regard to the use of virtual access products, coordination of civil works, advance publication of intentions regarding civil works, and permit granting timeframes) and harmonisation balanced with national specificities. The Association says it looks forward to supporting the co-legislators in finalising this important legislative Act.

The Council has also welcomed the European Commission’s aim with the Gigabit Connectivity Recommendation to update the NDCM and NGA Recommendations to align them with the Electronic Communication Code. The Council says it appreciates the clarifications on the issue of decommissioning the copper network, which should enable a quicker take-up, and the provisions concerning the necessity of maintaining the Risk Premium for FTTH. However, the FTTH Council Europe also expresses concerns about the premature removal of regulation due to prospective competition.

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