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DirecTV receiver for commercial businesses

September 1, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Just in time for hotels, bars and other venues to gear up for NFL season, DirecTV for Business has launched its H26K receiver, its first commercial satellite receiver designed specifically for commercial applications.

DirecTV’s H26K receiver delivers its entertainment solutions in HD, and a 4K viewing experience for select sporting events.

In addition, H26K continues to work with the DirecTV for Business remote App, allowing businesses and staff to easily find preferred games. In a February 2023 national survey, 87 per cent of bar and restaurant subscribers say that “DirecTV offers programming that their customers and employees want to see.”

Some of the premium features of H26K include:

• Front Panel Controls: Front panel command buttons for easier control of headend installations.
• GameSearch: Searches for program’s availability when a live event is blacked out.
• 4K Redirect: Allows GameSearch to tune to game if available on a 4K channel.
• 4K TV Compatibility: 4K ready with 4K compatible TVs. No additional hardware required. Experience 4K^ programming on Channels 104, 105 and 106.

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