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Terran offers ‘Off The Shelf’ supply of satellites

September 11, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Satellite manufacturer Terran Orbital has mounted a fascinating offer to the industry, saying that customers can order one of its satellite cores (called a ‘bus’) for delivery within 30 days. Clients can opt for a complete satellite – and from a wide range of options – with a 60-day delivery promise.

Terran calls its service its Responsive Space Initiative.

Terran is offering 7 satellite configurations and with some snappy names (Triumph, Renegade, Voyager, Excelsior, Nebula, Ambassador and Enterprise). Between them they can be used for low Earth orbiting craft up to geostationary satellites and ranging from small satellites of some 14 kgs and up to 650 kgs.

Terran says it can manage these impressive delivery commitments because of its advanced production capabilities through the implementation of automation and robotics find the firm standardizing common components that can be stocked and are interchangeable, depending on the bus configuration. The company adds it “proudly designs and manufactures 85 percent of all modules and components that go into a bus today”.

“With the Responsive Space Initiative, Terran Orbital will be able to deliver smallsats that are flexible, of high-quality, and reliable to military, civil, and commercial customers at a faster and more cost-effective rate. Satellites for critical missions will be delivered in days instead of requiring years to complete. The company recently introduced a new product line that is comprised of seven buses that are ready for quick delivery and can be immediately added to the firm’s inventory,” it adds.

“Terran Orbital will be partnering with best-of-breed payload suppliers to stock a wide range of payloads. This will allow the fulfillment of any customer requirements, whether Electro-Optical Imaging, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Communications, Hyperspectral, or any other payload with global demand,” says the company.

Terran opened a 60,000 sq ft new facility in Irvine, California, on September 11 and dedicated to the Responsive Space Initiative. The facility is scheduled to be operational in the summer of 2024 and the program will be launched in the Q4/2024.

The new facility will see Terran boost production to more than 20 satellites per month.

“We recently announced our seven new stocking buses, today we are announcing how fast we can build them. These are exciting times not only for Terran Orbital but the industry as a whole.” Stated Marc Bell, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO, Terran Orbital.

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