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NAGRA enhances content protection for Adobe’s

September 12, 2023

NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company and independent provider of content protection and media and entertainment solutions, has announced that NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking will be integrated into, the industry-leading cloud collaboration platform to enhance the protection of pre-release content during review and collaboration in production and post-production workflows. The offering is currently in private beta and is planned to roll out to customers by the end of the year.

“We’re very excited that NAGRA’s NexGuard solution will be integrated into our industry-leading collaboration platform,” said Bill Roberts, Senior Director of Product Strategy at “ Enterprise customers will soon be able to use forensic watermark security to protect sensitive pre-release content and IP.”

Used worldwide by content creators, from major studios to global brands and agencies, is one central hub that lets users share media, track feedback, and streamline their workflow. This level of global collaboration is more secure with NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking to safeguard pre-release video content against leaks and piracyduring the review and collaboration phases of content production. NexGuard is imperceptibly embedded at any point in the content production lifecycle, protecting highly valuable pre-release content from piracy and ensuring the traceability of any content leak.

NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking will be available to all Enterprise users and uniquely watermarks content delivered and published to each user. will be able to forensically watermark each video asset played by a viewer on their workstation, including Camera to Cloud dailies. The solution acts as a strong deterrent against illegal copying or distribution.

“NAGRA takes great pride in being the industry’s essential and trusted security partner to protect valuable content from camera to screen,” said Ken Gerstein, VP Sales for NexGuard Watermarking at NAGRA. “It is a testament to our technology and reputation that respected market leaders like Adobe have selected and trust NAGRA to deliver the best content protection solutions for its customers.”

NAGRA NexGuard Forensic Watermarking is part of a comprehensive line-up of solutions to guard against service and content piracy for those involved in the production and distribution of valuable video content.

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