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Ofcom considers Rivada application for NGSO licence

October 19, 2023

Ofcom is proposing to grant an Earth Station Network Licence to Rivada, a satellite communication service, for its non-geostationary orbiting (NGSO) satellite system.

Ofcom has received an application from Rivada to allow it to deploy user terminals, which are the dishes and antennas used by customers to connect to a satellite network. These can be on a building, in the air or at sea.

Rivada proposes to use a constellation of satellites to provide government communications, maritime and aviation connectivity, enterprise networking, and backhaul services for telecommunications networks.

Ofcome said: “When we receive applications for these licences, we consider whether they can coexist with other satellite systems in close proximity, and any potential risks to competition. We are inviting comments on Rivada’s application, and on our proposal to grant the licence, by 5pm on Monday 13 November 2023. We will take into account all responses to this consultation before reaching a final decision.”

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