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3STEP, Pixellot partnership

October 24, 2023

3STEP Sports, the youth sports club and event operator, has partnered with Pixellot, a provider of AI-driven sports video technology, to elevate the production of live sports events for its 185 sport operators and 1.1+ million athletes across the US. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry, as it has empowered 3STEP Sports to deliver an unprecedented number of over 35,000 high-quality sports events to fans, athletes, and families worldwide, tripling its previous year’s production of game film with 300+ AI-automated Pixellot cameras implemented across all leagues.

“We feel so fortunate to work with Pixellot to enhance the sports event experience for youth sports fans everywhere,” said Tania King, CEO of 3STEP Sports. “This partnership allows us to bring more sports events to our athletes, families and fans than ever before, with an uncompromising commitment to quality and accessibility.”

Pixellot’s AI-powered cameras have brought a paradigm shift in the way sports events are captured, produced, and shared. This innovative technology eliminates the need for traditional camera crews and production teams, while still delivering professional-grade broadcasts. The cameras automatically track the action on the field, providing dynamic coverage that ensures every moment is captured, no matter the size or scale of the event.

“3STEP Sports has done a monumental job bringing together best-in-class businesses across youth sports,” said David Shapiro, President, North America for Pixellot. “The experience for youth athletes in the United States is improving thanks to 3STEP. We are excited to bring professional video to more of their programmes and enable their athletes to have professional video to aid in their player development and recruiting journey.

3STEP Sports has developed themselves into the marquee platform dedicated to the fostering and growth of youth sports. From clubs and leagues to national events and media content, 3STEP Sports is unrivalled in its commitment to supporting and promoting the incredible pool of young sports talent in the US across all major sports.

With the implementation of 300+ AI-automated Pixellot cameras to capture staggering amounts of game film without the need for costly film crews, 3STEP Sports has significantly reduced costs while providing a valuable asset for athletes, coaches, and families. The partnership has redefined how games are captured and distributed on a massive scale. With Pixellot’s AI technology and 3STEP Sports’ expertise in event management, the collaboration has created a new era of accessibility and engagement in the world of sports.


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