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Prime Video reveals UK’s most streamable moments

November 30, 2023

Prime Video has revealed the UK’s most loved and must-see streamable moments in movies, TV, documentaries and reality entertainment, with Titanic topping the list of the greatest blockbusters of all time (39 per cent) and David Attenborough: Blue Planet overwhelmingly considered the most ground-breaking documentary of our time (40 per cent) – available on Prime Video.

The nation voted the Star Wars movies (29 per cent) and E.T (24 per cent) in the top three for best blockbusters; with almost a third of women voting for Grease as their number one (30 per cent) and Gladiator a firm favourite for nearly a fifth of men across the UK (19 per cent).

Only Fools and Horses tops the chart as the greatest comedy series of all time for British adults (51 per cent), with those in Norwich proving to be the nation’s biggest fans with 80 per cent voting it their number one, followed by 66 per cent of those from Cambridge. The sitcom classic ranked top for Londoners (35 per cent) with The Big Bang Theory a close second (24 per cent).

Blackadder is preferred by those in Oxford (40 per cent) while Friends (40 per cent) and The Inbetweeners (30 per cent) claimed the top two spots for respondents in Glasgow. The Simpsons ranks number one for Brits aged 18-29 (29 per cent ) and Friends for those aged 30-49 (40 per cent).

The survey of over 1,000 Brits also identified that the most iconic reality TV moment was when Kim Kardashian cried after losing her diamond earring in the ocean in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, 2011, which is available to stream free with a hayu Channel free trial.

Also available to stream via Prime Video are the nation’s top ten most ground-breaking documentaries of all time, including David Attenborough: Blue Planet which was, as aforementioned, was voted for as the number one by 40 per cent of Brits, followed by Apollo 11 (17 per cent) and Amy (16 per cent).

The survey also found almost a third of Brits have watched their favourite movie (31 per cent) and most memorable sporting moment (29 per cent) at least five times; with 10 per cent of men admitting to rewatching over ten times. It also identified changing attitudes to streaming; with over 85 per cent of Brits agreeing they would opt to have all their entertainment in one place if they could, over a third agreeing they prioritise quality content (36 per cent), and a quarter preferring ease of viewing (26 per cent) when making streaming decisions. Value for money (16 per cent) and viewing experience (15 per cent) were also identified as important deciding factors.

Chris Bird, Managing Director at Prime Video UK, commented: “Our goal is to become the UK’s premier entertainment destination by offering our customers all the shows and movies they love, all in one place. We hope that on Prime Video, our customers will build their own entertainment experience, helping them to find more of what they want to watch.”

Prime Video has also released a video montage that brings to life the definitive list of the UK’s most streamable moments.

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