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Tiny Tree acquires Lively by Ben Levey

December 12, 2023

Tiny Tree has announced the signing of breakthrough author-illustrator, Ben Levey, and his picture book Lively Lila: A Dance of Happy Discovery. Worldwide rights to the book were acquired by Tiny Tree publisher James Shaw directly from the author, following a round of open submissions. Written and illustrated by Levey, Lively Lila: A Dance of Happy Discovery is slated for release in April 2024.

The third book released by Levey, Lively Lila: A Dance of Happy Discovery is an infectious and encouraging picture book with a focus on ADHD. The story follows Lila as she handles life’s ups and downs, showing readers a little of what it’s like to live with the condition. This bright and bold journey is full of fun, with a focus on resilience, creativity and self-discovery. This inspiring picture book asks readers to embrace the roller-coaster of life.

Levey commented: “As the release date for my third book, Lively Lila: A Dance of Happy Discovery, approaches, I am filled with an indescribable mixture of excitement and gratitude. This book, born from a deeply personal place, represents not just a story, but a part of my heart and soul. Lila is a character who has lived in my imagination for years, dancing her way through challenges and joys alike, embodying the spirit of resilience and creativity. This book is my ode to all the Lila’s out there – those vibrant souls who see the world in a unique and beautiful light. I’m excited to see how the story resonates with parents, children and educators alike.”

“Writing Lively Lila: A Dance of Happy Discovery was a journey that stemmed from a deep desire to illuminate the experiences of those living with ADHD — a condition close to my heart. I wanted to create a character that not only embodied the vibrant spirit of individuals with ADHD but also told a story that was both educational and celebratory.” Levey continued: “The idea for Lila came from my girlfriend, Jen, who lives with ADHD. I wanted to capture it and bring light to the subject further – the untold stories, the unseen struggles, and the unique joys of those with ADHD. I saw a need for a character like Lila: someone who is not defined by their condition but rather shines because of it. My goal was to portray ADHD not as a limitation, but as a different way of experiencing life, full of its unique challenges and triumphs.”

James Shaw, publisher at Tiny Tree, added: “The vibrant art style was the first thing that caught my eye in Ben’s submission, it almost literally jumped out at me. The whole title was just really well put together, and having another book aimed at raising awareness and understanding of mental health for children was something I just couldn’t ignore. Ben is a great talent doing great things and I cannot wait to see more from him.”

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