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STN Video reports “breakthrough year”

January 16, 2024

STN Video, the North American Online Video Platform, celebrates a year of transformative growth and notable achievements.

In 2023, STN Video experienced significant growth in engagement across its platform, indicating a strong user response to its premium content and award-winning technology.

The company reported a 78 per cent increase in total video views with a 41 per cent rise in videos viewed per visitor. This coincided with a 22 per cent growth in average monthly unique viewers and a 49 per cent surge in player loads.

These results demonstrate the success of STN Video’s high-quality, relevant content in engaging a wide range of audiences. Increased viewer engagement translates into higher revenue for publishers.

“Our massive growth in viewership and engagement in 2023 reflects the synergy between STN Video’s innovative approach and the trust our partners place in us,” says CEO, Matthew Watson. “These impressive figures represent more than just metrics; they underscore the relevance of our content, and the impact of our technology, across diverse audiences. The strength of our partnerships drives this success, showcasing the boundless potential we have when we collaborate. As we look ahead, we’re excited to continue this journey of innovation and shared achievement.”

Year over year, STN Video has seen significant growth across various content categories including sports, news, entertainment, and lifestyle:

  • NFL +22 per cent (Super Bowl: +104 per cent)
  • NBA +107 per cent (Finals: +313 per cent)
  • NHL +116 per cent (Stanley Cup Finals: +340 per cent)
  • MLB +230 per cent (World Series: +390 per cent)
  • MLS +677 per cent (Signing of Messi: +682 per cent)
  • Lifestyle, business, tech, entertainment, and food +124 per cent

In 2023, STN Video was recognized for its innovation and excellence, capturing a range of prestigious industry awards, including Digiday Media Awards for ‘Best Video Platform’ for the second consecutive year, and AdExchanger’s ‘Best Video Technology For Media Suppliers’. This recognition is a testament to successful partnerships and advancements in digital video technology. A prime example is the collaboration with A to Z Sports, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, which doubled their revenue and reached 100 million views, establishing them as a top source for NFL fans. This highlights the power of STN Video’s premium content and advertising solutions in elevating audience engagement and publisher revenue.

As STN Video looks forward, it remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of the evolving digital landscape. 2023, a pivotal year for the company, was made possible by the success of its partners, setting the stage for continued collaboration and success.

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