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Online video ad views up 24% in 2016

March 22, 2017

FreeWheel, the premium video ad management company, has published its latest Video Monetisation Report, revealing that 2016 was a pivotal year for premium video consumption.

Findings from the report include:

  • Total video content views rose by 26 per cent from the previous year, with ad views up by 24 per cent, making 2016 the sixth consecutive year of growth
  • Huge global events such as the Rio 2016 Olympics and the US elections boosted viewership, and were also linked to a general growth of popularity in live online video content, although this was not replicated in Europe – where the format only accounted for 3 per cent of views
  • Video consumption has shifted away from the computer screen and back to the TV set, thanks to the growth of OTT and STB VoD
  • While news and sport content enjoyed major growth in the US, entertainment was still king across Europe, with 93 per cent of ad views based around this content (as opposed to 46 per cent in the US)
  • While the most ad views were recorded on desktops and laptops – 34 per cent in the US and 31 per cent in Europe –  other devices are catching up, particularly OTT, with 27 per cent of views in the US and 24 per cent in Europe
  • Viewing on tablets proved particularly popular in Europe, with 20 per cent of ad views recorded on these devices, as opposed to just 8 per cent in the US


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