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NABiQ creative networking returning to NAB

January 19, 2024

NABiQ, the dynamic innovation sprint and creative networking event, is set to make a return for its third consecutive year at the upcoming 2024 NAB Show, taking place April 13th-17th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Due to its in-person popularity among participants, NABiQ is expanding to include virtual challenges leading up to the Show.

NABiQ is an education and networking opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and overcome industry challenges. Structured like a hackathon, participants will form small groups, tackling specific challenges and presenting their innovative solutions for challenges around the three show pillars: Create, Connect and Capitalise.

This year, NABiQ is introducing live challenges on the online community platform, NAB Amplify, before the main event. The digital, three-part series of Deep Dives topics revolve around the future of AI including content creation, content delivery and audience engagement and interaction.

The first free live workshop is on January 25th at 1 pm (EST) for the Create community. Programme coordinator Maria Duloquin, an innovation consultant, certified Design Sprint Master and startup coach will facilitate the event joined by special guest, NAB Amplify Senior Editor Emily Reigart, for a brief discussion on unlocking the potential of Generative AI. Industry professionals will then break into small groups and discuss pressing questions: What do we understand about AI in the industry so far? What don’t we understand about AI in the industry? How do we embrace the future of AI in the industry?

The in-person brainstorm series at NAB Show, scheduled for April 14th-16th, will bring together media professionals for 12 brainstorming sessions culminating in a daily, one-minute pitch, presented live on stage followed by a happy hour reception for additional networking.

“Our community thrives on passion, creativity and collaboration,” said Chris Brown, executive vice president and managing director of NAB’s Global Connections and Events. “Within this dynamic framework, purposeful networking unlocks innovative thinking and creates an experience that is both more meaningful and helps to create deeper connections.”

“Teamwork from the spur of the moment — it’s like a little company with a lifespan of 60 minutes,” commented Dominic Son, web developer, who took part in a Create challenge alongside a new team with a producer, two film directors, and a workflow manager.

“We all have so much to learn from each other and from our different experiences and expertise. And this emergent, collaborative, symbiotic environment is perfect for that,” added Ann Marcam, a director who has participated in multiple NABiQ challenges.

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