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Live action【OSHI NO KO】coming to Prime Video

January 24, 2024

Prime Video will exclusively premiere a live-action drama series adaptation ofOSHI NO KO, worldwide in winter of 2024. Produced by Toei Company,OSHI NO KO is one of the biggest manga series to be adapted as a drama series and a movie. Exclusive worldwide streaming will be launched on Prime Video and the film will be distributed in Japan by Toei Company, which also seeks a possibility of a global theatrical release.

OSHI NO KOhas been serialised in Japanese manga magazine Weekly Young Jump since 2020 under the joint name of Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari. The suspenseful elements and novel storyline, that unabashedly cuts into the glamorous yet complex world of entertainment, created a splash and amplified the popularity of the series. As of January 2024, a total of 15 million copies of the comic books have been sold. The anime that aired in 2023 attracted attention for its accurate depiction and true to the original storyline, delicate drawings, along with innovative and fresh live scenes. The song Idol, written by the super music unit, YOASOBI as the main theme song for the anime, became the first Japanese-language song to top the US Billboard Global Charts and is also a major factor in the anime’s popularity worldwide.

Kaito Sakurai who previously appeared in VIVANT and Ao Haru Ride Season One, plays the protagonist – Aqua, who infiltrates the entertainment world with a mission to uncover the truth behind the death of his mother, Ai Hoshino, the centre of the idol group ‘B Komachi’. Asuka Saito, who graduated from Japanese idol group Nogizaka 46 last year portrays the role of Ai. While Nagisa Saito plays Ruby, Aqua’s twin sister, who dreams of becoming an idol like her mother. Starting her idol career together with Ruby, Kana Arima is played by Nanoka Hara. Also, Mizuki Kayashima plays Akane Kurokawa, an actress belonging to the “Gekidan Laralai” and is in love with Aqua. Ano plays the role of MEMcho, a popular YouTube star who is also an idol with Ruby and Kana.

Author ofOSHI NO KO, Aka Akasaka said: “OSHI NO KOcuts deep into the Japanese entertainment industry, which not only sheds light on the glitz and glam but also the dark side, which are critical in the comics. Thus, I wasn’t certain ifOSHI NO KOwould ever be adapted and made into a live-action film. But I am extremely grateful to Prime Video and TOEI for seeing the potential in it, and the team including the cast for being a part ofOSHI NO KO. While I wrote the story from my perspective as a manga writer, it would be even more intriguing when it is recreated as a live-action drama series, which I hope audiences across the world will enjoy watching.”

Country Director of Prime Video Japan, Takashi Kodama, commented: “At Prime Video, we’re steadfast in our mission to create a one-stop destination for all our audience to find the best of content, in the form of exciting new movies, live sports, and their favorite shows. While we tirelessly explore new ways to deliver more value to our customers, satiating their appetite for unique and exclusive content is atop our list of objectives.OSHI NO KOis another fascinating addition to our offering and we’re thrilled to collaborate with TOEI on the same. We’re certain our customers will thoroughly enjoy the live-action version of the manga series, that has emerged as one of the hottest and most followed title in its genre.”

Executive Producer of Toei Company, Ryusuke Imoto, added: “Firstly, I wish to express my deep gratitude to Aka Akasaka sensei and Mengo Yokoyari sensei, the original comic artists, for giving us a chance to meet this wonderful comic. Feeling the pressure to produce a live-action version of the very popular comic, I am struggling yet enjoying this very moment. “How can I adapt this comic to a movie and streaming dramas that audiences around the world will enjoy?”- asking myself this question so many times that I have gone through a lot of trial and error. Striving for quality, the live action contents are still being brushed up, so please look forward to our release. To create Japanese live-action films and dramas that will be valued by international audiencesthis is our never ending challenge. We are confident that collaborating with Amazon, which has global perspectives, we can deliver the greatness of this content to everyone around the world.”

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