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New 5G broadcasting experimental licences filed in US

January 30, 2024

XGen Network, in partnership with HC2 and EGOT Media, has filed for two new experimental 5G broadcast licences in the US with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

This move is in collaboration with HC2 stations WTXX-LD as well as EGOT Media’s WYJH-LD, to join Milachi Media’s WWOO-LD in Boston for Phase Two Proof of Concept for 5G Broadcasting. Together with the LPTV Broadcasters Association, XGN is working to develop a platform for UHF LPTV stations (15 kw ERP) through proof of concept deployments as the 5G broadcasting technology develops. It is projected that first responders will have access to 5G broadcast by late 2024, and it will be available to the public in 2025.

Frank Copsidas, CEO of XGN Network, commented: “XGN values the commitment of both Milachi Media, HC2, and EGOT Media to the future of 5G broadcasting for LPTV. It is important to remember that 5G broadcasting, Direct to Mobile, is very much in development and makes strides by the week. XGN’s Proof of Concept deployments are meant to test the platform, bringing developments out of the lab to testing in the field. Consumer smartphones await the firmware update required to directly receive ‘Band 108’ or the UHF Broadcast spectrum in receive only mode, utilising 5G cell for the return path. “

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