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SpaceX explains D2D smartphone plan

February 16, 2024

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX has informed the FCC of its plans to expand its current broadband-by-satellite service to include Text and ultimately Voice services.

On February 13th SpaceX wrote to the FCC saying it wanted to take another step towards realising the FCC’s own vision of a ‘Single Network Future’ which would bring ubiquitous mobile connectivity to consumers wherever they are.

SpaceX, in its submission, demonstrated that SpaceX’s supplemental coverage system could operate on a non-interference basis with respect to other (in-band, and out-of-band) cross-border users.

SpaceX concluded its letter by saying: “SpaceX is excited to launch its commercial direct-to-cellular service later this year, with its partner T-Mobile. With this enclosed additional technical information in hand, the Commission can expeditiously grant SpaceX’s applications.”

The move will now see SpaceX start comprehensive tests and then submit the results of those tests to the FCC.

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