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VeEX issued patent for analysing downstream QAM environments

February 16, 2024

VeEX, a specialist in test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 11,848,789, “System Testers for Analysing Downstream QAM Environments” for its VeGrade proprietary measurement feature.

Evaluating the quality of a network signal can be complex with numerous metrics associated with various aspects of the signal. Traditional techniques, using metrics like modulation error ratio (MER), bit error rate (BER) and power level, often provide only basic assessments of signal quality. These conventional methods lack the necessary details to empower field technicians to take appropriate action for improving signal quality.

VeEX’s VeGrade assesses the quality of an individual Digital QAM channel, and it is available in our CX310 and CX380C field test meters. By utilising various metrics, VeGrade provides a Digital Grade ranging from A+ to F, enabling the identification of channels that are impacting service and require additional troubleshooting measures.

The VeGrade feature continuously and rapidly monitors the quality of the Digital Channel and provides a comprehensive metric which is easily understood by the field technician. This monitoring capability allows the meter to capture bursty intermittent issues that may otherwise be overlooked by traditional measurements such as MER, BER, and Signal.

“With analogue channels slowly diminishing and Digital QAM channels taking their place in the CATV lineup, Cable TV operators are constantly monitoring and maintaining the quality of their digital signals. Our patented VeGrade feature utilises a user-friendly grading approach, providing an additional tool for troubleshooting and effectively resolving hard-to-detect impairments with Digital QAM channels. It serves as a valuable asset for evaluating the Quality of Experience (QoE) of customers,” said Mike Collins, Product Manager, CATV at VeEX.

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